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Les chambres rouges


Kelly-Anne (Juliette Gariépy) wakes up every morning at the courthouse doors to secure her place in the high-profile trial of Ludovic Chevalier (Maxwell McCabe Lokos), a serial killer she is obsessed with. As the days go by, the young woman bonds with another groupie (Laurie Babin), which momentarily lifts her out of her suffocating solitude. But by dint of rubbing shoulders with the parents of the victims in a trial which gets bogged down, Kelly-Anne has more and more difficulty in maintaining her psychological balance and in assuming her sick fixation for the torturer. She will try by all means to find the ultimate piece of the puzzle: the missing video of one of the victims murder with whom she has a disturbing resemblance.


Juliette Gariépy, Laurie Babin & Maxwell McCabe Lokos


Pascal Plante


Pascal Plante